"Tuscany" Toscana Rosso igt

Name: "Tuscany" Toscana Rosso igt

Appellation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Area of Origin: Toscana

Hints of the Vineyard: This Super Tuscan contains the spirit of all great Italian reds. Produced with traditional (Sangiovese) and international grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) from the hilly vineyards of Southern Tuscany, this wine enhances the different characteristics of each grape variety thanks to the one-year's oak ageing. The vineyards’ closeness to the Tirrenean Sea allows the Southern Tuscany’s grapes to benefit from the freshness of the sea breeze.

Ageing: Ageing takes place in big oak casks.

Grape Variety: Tuscan indigenous and international varieties.

Tasting Notes: Deep brilliant red in colour, it has a complex aroma that reminds leathery black fruits with hints of chocolate, violet, blackberry, spice and vanilla. To the taste it is mellow, with ripe tannins and a long spicy fruit finish; Tuscany has a lovely fine texture and a lingering aftertaste.

Food Pairing Notes:
It matches perfectly roasted meat, wild game, ripe cheeses, savoury recipes in general. Uncork at least 1 hour before serving.

Ageing Potential: 3 – 6  years

Average Alcohol Percentage: 14%