Pinot Rosé Spumante

Name: Pinot Rosé Spumante

Appellation: Vino Spumante Extra Dry (sparkling wine)

Hints of the Vineyard: The pinot grapes are grown in areas with a specially favourable climate. The right timing for the harvest is very important because the grapes must be picked up once reached the perfect maturity.

Vinification: The grapes just harvested are pressed to extract the pulp and separate it from the skin. The must is fermented at low temperature and then the sparkling-wine process starts. This second fermentation lasts 3 months and gives the wine its characteristic elegance and perlage.

Tasting Notes: the colour is soft pink with bright pearl hues, fine and persistent foam and bubbles. The aromas are floral with dominant violet hints and evolve in fruity notes such as black cherry and powder. It is pleasantly dry and fruity, with a great structure. The balance between freshness and acidity makes this wine enjoyable and long lasting.

Food Pairing Notes: it is great as an aperitif, and easy-drinkable, perfect when shared with friends it goes very well with many dishes: from cold fish and seafood starters to sweets and dessert. Serve it chilled at 8 - 10 ° C in tulip glasses.

Average Alcohol Percentage: 12% Alc. Vol.