Moscato Piemonte doc

Name: Moscato Piemonte doc

Appellation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Area of Origin: Piemonte, Asti wine district.

Hints of Vineyard: Moscato Piemonte represents the final result of an accurate selection among the best Moscato grapes from the Piemonte region.

Vinification: The prestigious Moscato grapes are softly pressed. Then, after a partial fermentation of the must at controlled temperature, a sweet and fragrant wine is obtained, which has to be preserved at low temperatures till the bottling process.

Ageing: It is advisable to drink this wine while it is still young, to exalt the fruit and the specific aroma of this grape variety.

Grape Variety: Moscato Bianco

Tasting Notes: Straw yellow with golden hues. Intense and fragrant to the nose, with a deep note of flowers and fresh fruit. It is an excellent and pleasant white wine, slightly sparkling, with a specific sweet and round taste, as well as an agreeable aromatic finish. Its golden perlage is delicate and persistent at the same time.

Food Pairing Notes: It is a superb dessert wine, the ideal partner for the famous “Panettone" (the typical Italian Christmas cake), for fresh fruit, icecream and stuffed cakes. Thanks to its refreshing character and low alcohol percentage, it is a nice companion for some relaxing time with friends. Serving temperature: 6/8°C.

Ageing: Potential 1 year

Average Alcohol Percentage: 5.5%