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Flexibility devoted to realize customized projects in terms of varietals, taste and packaging , at reasonable prices, is the “reason why” importers and international customers chose Giordano as a strategic supplier for their portfolio of Italian wines.

Through years of experience, Giordano developed different lines, each one with a precise character and a definite style of winemaking. Today, Giordano has a complete range of brands/labels, able to satisfy different demands and positioning.

Collection: Primitivo di Manduria doc "Collection"


The “flag ship” line of Giordano smartly combines labels and bottle, to reflect elements of high image, prestige and perceived high quality. Superb high quality wines, created to match the top dishes of the Italian gastronomy. Although associated with the concept of high end positioning, prices are accessible and in line with competitors.

Tradition: Barolo docg "Tradizione"


A strongly branded classical and elegant packaging, reflecting the tradition and company’s century old experience in wine making. Burgundy bottle with embossed coat of arms. It goes perfectly with the traditional Italian cuisine, the style genuinely reflects the provenance and the features of the most typical wines from Italy. Excellent value for money.

Eventus: Primitivo del Salento igt "Eventus"


An innovative, unique, eye catching packaging reflecting its quintessential Italian style. Market driven, Italian and International varietals available; modern in style, with its barrel maturation and fruity character, versatile and food friendly, appealing to the international consumer.
With Giordano you can make every day an Eventus...

Elegance: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc "Progetto Qualità"


Elegant packaging, wide range of label styles, friendly wines, great value for money: where the quality is also eco friendly: the light weight bottles (345 gr) combine the perfect wine container, the glass, with a reduced impact on the environment and money saving.

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di Diano d’Alba (Cn) Italy
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