"Ricarico Prestige" Rosso Puglia igt

Name: "Ricarico Prestige" Rosso Puglia igt

Appellation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Area of Origin: Produced in the Apulia Region.

Vinification: The overripe grapes are harvested by hand, when the skin is shrunken and the flesh very concentrated. The grapes are vinified with the "Ricarico" method, a prestigious Apulian winemaking technique.
The wine undergoes a slow fermentation at low controlled temperature for two weeks,in order to maintain the whole bouquet and the taste of ripe fruit.

Ageing: Ricarico Prestige ages in small oak barrels first and in bottles afterwards.

Grape Variety: This particular wine is produced with the most prestigious Apulian grape varieties.

Tasting Notes: Very deep red garnet in colour, to the nose it has a persistent and complex aroma with notes of plums and spices, strong, deep and mellow, to the palate it ends in smooth notes.

Food Pairing Notes: Excellent companion to main dishes with meat sauces, perfect with grilled and roasted meat, mature cheese.

Ageing Potential: 70 months

Average Alcohol Percentage: 14.5%