Fiano Puglia igt

Name: Fiano Puglia igt

Appellation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Area of Origin: Fiano grapevine grows in the flat area approaching both the Ionic Sea and the Giordano Winery in Torricella, Apulia, where the unbound soil and the Cordon Training system specifically foster the Fiano grapevine cultivation.

Hints of the Vineyard: Fiano is a full-bodied white wine, endowed with a rare aromatic finesse and made up with Fiano grapes only.

Vinification: The grapes are softly pressed and then undergo a fermentation at controlled temperature in order to keep their fragrance and aromas.

Grape Variety: Fiano

Tasting Notes: This wine is straw yellow in colour with a greenish shade; it has an intense floral and fruity aroma, with strong hints of green apple and sage.
To the palate, it reveals its strength and excellent balance, harmony and elegance. It leaves a long-lasting, refreshing and lingering aftertaste.

Food Pairing Notes: Very easy to drink, excellent as an aperitif, it perfectly pairs with every kind of fish course, but also with chicken, vegetables and fresh fruit. Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C.

Ageing Potential: 24 months

Average Alcohol Percentage: 13%