Primitivo Puglia Appassimento "Rinforzato" igt

Area of Origin: Apuliae

Grape Variety:

Vinification: Its style has been defined and refined step by step by our three senior Winemakers of Giordano Vini who have passionately dedicated the last years to study the noble Primitivo vine variety. Their aim was to create an important wine, traditional yet innovative, by removing its harshness as much as possible in order to get a strong structure but without asperity. With 2015 grape harvest they  finally achieved their aim. Ripe grapes of the prestigious Primitivo vine variety have not been harvested. They were left on the vine so that their ripening could go on.

Tasting Notes: After about 15 days, grapes overripen and dry out directly on the vine, giving us a Primitivo with a complex bouquet of red fruits, raisins and clear hints of marasca cherry. In the mouth it develops all its arrogance, its body is captivating, mature and enhanced especially by its aging in barrique. Primitivo Appassimento Rinforzato is a wine which remains in your memory for its strong character and great personality.

Food Pairing Notes: It goes well with rich and savoury dishes. Ideal between meals in lively convivial moments. Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C

Alcohol Percentage: 15%